Site Speed – Google’s new mania

Everything new is a well-forgotten old, people say. This saying is also relevant to the internet and modern technology today. Site speed has been a trend more than once in the history of the Internet.  Let’s refresh our memories… Further back in 1998 when I was working on one of my first websites, the internet […]

Facebook blocks profiles of people reporting irregularities


Reporting profiles, pages and publications in the most popular social network in the world during the last year has grown to an unprecedented size. This function is taken as a precaution of not only trolls but also as digital arbitrariness with inconvenient people speaking and writing on a topic that the society wouldn’t even want […]

There’s more to digital marketing than AdWords

It’s no secret that online advertisements could be extremely efficient. In fact, we would say they are obligatory for every business, which wants to boosts its sales and overall brand recognition. Since we have already talked about how Facebook Ads and search ads work, today we won’t focus on them. Besides there are other marketing […]

The Secret of Succesful Email Marketing

MailerLite once said that email has gone a long way from being a communication channel to being the actual content. In fact, email is probably the oldest technology that is still thriving today. Contrary to the belief that email is about the extinct in the following years, elecotrnic mail serivices are growing by the hour. […]

How to Write Business Emails? Useful Tips

Do you own a business? If the answer is YES, then you probably know that efficient email communication leads to more sales. Probably, you receive tens if not thousands of marketing emails yourself. We bet you drag some of them straight to your Trash folder without even opening them. Then the question is – how […]

Why can’t I find my website on Google?

why can't I find my website on Google?

When I created my first blog years ago I had no idea what SEO meant. Gosh, I hadn’t even heard of search engine optimization. All I had to do was to create a blog, write a couple of posts, and then see it on Google’s first page. To me, it was that simple. Needless to […]

Why you should care about videos and podcasts

We can’t emphasize hard enough how important content is for SEO. Most of the time people tend to associate content with blogging. And while the better part of the content published online is indeed written this should not stop you from letting your imagination flow. The good news is that you can recycle information and […]

5 Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement


Brands and marketers are constantly asking: how to get more Facebook engagement? Facebook has changed its algorithm and this led to a decrease in organic traffic. But is there anything we can do to solve this problem? Let`s look at the numbers The marketing tool BuzzSumo has analyzed 777 million Facebook posts to find the […]