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Top 5 tactics for blog promotion

You`ve worked insanely hard.

You`ve conducted a thorough research into the interests and problems of your audience and potential clients.

What`s the result? Captivating and valuable blog content, which you struggle to maintain and update on a daily basis.

But there`s one problem. Things are not going well. You keep wondering: why nobody reads the awesome posts you`re creating?

Because you have to invest time in promotion. You have to learn where is your audience spending time and how to steal their attention.

Here`re five tactics to help you achieve just that:

1. Create an email list

Set it as a goal to attract more traffic to your blog content. Then, do your best to convince the readers to sing up for your newsletter.

Thus, your existent and potential customers will be notified every time you publish anything new. Plus, you can learn more about them and offer them content that`s specifically tailored to their needs and interests.

Some useful tools you can use include Sumo me, Optionmonster, LeadPages, and others. We prefer using MailerLite though.


2. Share across social media platforms

It`s essential to direct your marketing efforts in the right way.

Ask yourself: where are my targeted personas spending their time? Which are their favorite social media platforms and what are their reading interests and habits?

Start by defining your customer persona: demography, interests, problems, social platforms and the media content they consume. In this way, you`ll be able to choose the social media platforms that are suiting you best.

But there`s more. Make sure you know the specifics of each social media.

3. Share immediately and everywhere

Share your post as soon as you publish it. Use all your business accounts, as well as your personal accounts. Ask your collegues to help you distribute the content.

Send messages to influencers, media platforms and experts in the sector. The chance is that they find your blog posts useful and would like to share it in their communities.

4. Share more than once

Did you know that a survey published by CoSchedule found that if you share a post more than once, your traffic can increase with 3,150%!

How to do it?

Publish immediately after publication, on the next day, three days later, a week later and two weeks later.

5. Promote your most successful content

Make the most of your content. Analyze what works and why. Update it and don`t be scared to publish and share once again.

Bonus Ideas?

Think of how you can capture the attention of your audience. Here are some ideas of how to promote your content on social media:

  • Meta descriptions: You have to write them anyways. Use them as an inspitation for your blog posts.
  • Quotes: Present your content by the help of an interesting quote. You can also tag influencers, so that your content is visible across a wider audience.
  • Interesting fact or statistics: Mention a quirky fact or statistcs that`s relevant to your audience.
  • Use visuals to retain the attention of your audience. Images, infographics and videos are just a small part of the attractive visuals you can benefit from.
  • Promote your content in Facebook/LinkedIn groups created by you and/or relevant to your business.
  • Pay for Facebook advertisment (learn more about it and its alternatives here), use LinkedIn`s sponsored content tool or any other paid platforms.
promote on social media
promote on social media

More ideas?

These tips are by no means extensive. Don`t limit your imagination. Things are constantly changing, so keep up with the changes, read and experiment. Believe in your ideas, but be flexible enough to change them if necessary.

Have you run a successful content promotion campaign? Or you faced a big challenge that taught you some important lessons? Share your experience in the comments below. Let`s learn and grow together.

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