Digital Academy

Want to improve your overall business performance? We can teach you everything that we know about how to achieve success and earn more money in the digital world.

Individual approach

Our training sessions are tailored to your individual needs and problems. We can assist by crafting strategies and effective solutions whose goal is to improve your metrics – revenue, money flow and cost optimization.

What are you and your employees about to learn?

  • How to improve your online sales metrics. Whether you have an online store, catalog, a corporate website or just a registration in a business catalog, we will be happy to help.
  • How to create and manage your website content – what articles to write, how to position and describe your products and services, how to present information and manage your users’ behavior, so that you can achieve the desired results as fast as possible.
  • How to improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website.
  • How to communicate with customers and counterparties online in a way that leads to closing a deal as quickly as possible.
  • How to turn your users and customers into fans whose long-term loyalty is beneficial to your business.

When and where?

Our Digital Academy can take place in your office or another suitable location we can offer. Training sessions are organized in a comfortable for you way. Some of the most popular options include:

A few training sessions as part of your team building activities.

Corporate events.

Weekends (in one or more non-working days).

After working hours.

During working hours.

Why Digital Academy matters?

Digital Academy is an investment in your long-term business success. We can help you optimize your business and sales, as well as learn how to retain the good results. Our goal is to teach you and your employees essential skills that will help you move forward in the long run.

Our happy clients

Whatthe others say?

  • Ако онлайн успехът, както се твърди, наистина е на 1 клик разстояние, значи сте кликнали на правилното място.

    Благой Иванов
  • Работата ми с екипа на винаги е била удоволствие, тъй като с екипа им се разбираме с половин дума, а и те знаят какво, как и защо правят. Всеки предприемач, който би искал да постигне успех в интенрет, трябва да има консултанти като тях.

    Борислав Кръстев
    Управител, Ритейл Аналитикс - България ЕООД

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