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Corporate and company trainings - digital academy

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✓ train your team on the latest trends and introduce it to the digital world

Корпоративни обучения и консултации

Our trainings are practical

The trainings we do are fully updated for your business and for the team being trained.
We are practitioners and everything we will tell and show you will be directly from the kitchen of the digital world.

Personal approach

Our company trainings are completely oriented to your needs and daily activities. We will help with strategies and workable solutions that aim to improve your most important metrics – turnover, cash flow, time and process management, through digital technologies. Last but not least – the corporate trainings we offer are aimed at reducing costs through the proper use of new technologies.

Our topics are always relevant

• How to improve your internet security? – training for people without IT specialization.
• Digital marketing – company training in digital marketing, including a comprehensive overview of digital tools and practices at the moment.
• Marketing techniques for digital communication (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Email Marketing).
• Increasing sales through modern Internet tools.
• Manage your internet presentation.
• First place in Google – improving the optimization on the daily basis (SEO).
• Communicating with clients and contractors in a digital environment.
• Turn your users and customers into loyal fans who work for you in the long run.

Фирмени обучения и консултации

Company trainings and consultations are 1 click away from you

It is never too late to learn something new.

Contact us to do so.

Mentoring of start up projects

If you are a StartUp and you do not want to be like the other 90% of startups that fail within the first 2-3 years then you need a real mentor.

We are a team focused on results and we will kick your ass if necessary just to achieve success. Because a mentor who caresses with a feather and makes you feel comfortable does you a doubtful service.

Our service is not doubtful. It is paid and we want you to become a profitable business hour sooner. Because this is the goal of a business. To be successful. To make money.

Didn’t you plan to make a profit in the first 8 months? You definitely need us!

You have questions about
our trainings and consultations?

Why should I use your company trainings?

The company trainings “Digital Academy” are an investment in the long-term success of your business. The teams that have passed our trainings get more confidence in their work in the digital world. They feel more protected, more confident, more informed. The trainings give us not only knowledge but also tools for acquiring new knowledge in specific areas. Thus the trained teams continue their development according to the plan set during the trainings.
Our company trainings have a single goal – to train your team to move the whole company forward in the long run. Our results are amazing and you will surely be more than satisfied.

How does the training go?

Once you contact us, we will find out what are the goals you want to achieve with this training. We will get acquainted with your business and the needs of your team and we will prepare individual training within 4 hours, or 2 sessions of 4 hours.

The training takes the form of a lecture, after which the necessary time is allocated for questions and answers and solving specific cases posed by the audience.

How do I estimate one topic or many topics I want?

Contact us to tell us more about your goal and we will assess whether what you want can happen in a day, two or more. We can prepare an individual program both for shorter training and for those lasting within weeks.

What do your consultations include?

Anyone who does online business or plans to do so needs someone with more experience to show them their mistakes and more importantly to give them quick and easy solutions. What’s more – consulting at the right time can save you a lot more money and nerves than you think and give you a stronger start on the net. Even just choosing the right technology can be crucial to whether you succeed online or contrary.

And we want you to succeed. No, we are not saying it hypocritically. Because if you succeed you will remain our customers for a much longer period of time. That is – the interest is mutual.

Functional specification, terms of reference? What are these things for me?

When an ordinary person communicates with programmers, often many functionalities important for your business remain “lost in translation”. You think that when you put the Gallery button you know that the programmer will build a real gallery behind it with albums, viewing the photos in a slider, and… he puts only the Gallery button. Because there is no assignment of what you really want. This is not new and your nightmare begins. Now multiply this by 10 or 20.

Our job is to translate what you want into the language of the programmers you will work with and they will get a very clear task where what is happening on the site, how it is happening, what technologies to use (because the solution can come in several thousand different ways, most of which are not right for you).

The preparation of terms of reference and functional specification is something that EVERY major website or software project needs to get started. These two documents save money, time and nerves. In addition, they are a mandatory annex to the construction contract.

Company trainings and consultations are 1 click away from you

It is never too late to learn something new.

Contact us to do so.

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What next?

As a salesperson the greatest satisfaction for me is when our customers improve their sales. 

Ivo Ivanov
Sales Manager

Our team has worked for some of the biggest companies
in the country and the world

Of course we also have a large number of small and micro clients with whom we have been working excellently for decades.