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We write texts
that sell

Even when there is nothing to say about a product or service your users want to read more.
And we can and do know how to write more.

Texts for optimization (SEO)

The texts on a site are written mainly for two purposes. One is for the consumer to receive the necessary information and make a purchase decision. The second and most common reason is search engine optimization or SEO.

Our team has been offering SEO services for decades and we know very well how to write the perfect texts that are liked by both search engines and the user.

Who needs SEO texts? Anyone who has a website. Because the texts in addition to being informative must follow the rules of search engines. This skill is mastered by copywriting virtuosos like us.

Writing texts for your business

Creating a new website is a great experience. But copywriting for it can be cumbersome, slow, and even annoying for owners whose business has nothing to do with copywriting.

We can write all texts for your website from texts “for us”, through services, product descriptions, and whatever you need. Just give us a theme and you will get pages that catch the eye of the users.

What’s more – it will speed up the launch of your website by at least a few weeks. Our practice shows that most often the launch of sites is delayed, exactly because of the texts that are written by people who do not care about it and have the lowest priority.

Well, for us they will have the highest priority. Use our energy and enthusiasm.

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We write great texts.

Create your own media

If your business is big, or you have big goals, then why just write texts for your site when you can create an entire media?

No, not you. We can create your own media – a news or information website. Our team takes both the technical implementation and the writing of at least 30 articles each month.

Over the years we have realized dozens of media for our clients and for each of the sites we have written between 50 and 800 articles per month.

What might you need such media for? For many things – advertising your products with banners or publications, reaching new users in an alternative way.

One media can work for you for many other purposes but we can tell you about them live because we can tell you a lot.

If you have something really big in mind you may also be interested in our service – online reputation management.

You have questions about
our great texts?

What type of blogs do you support?

If your website has a blog section, interesting, news, or something similar, in which you have to publish texts periodically – we can maintain it and in addition to writing articles we can even publish them for you.

The topic of the site does not matter as we have many experienced copywriters who can write competently on any topic.

How many articles a month can you write about me?

We can write as much as necessary. Try us.

How many articles a month should I publish on my site?

If you have a section for publishing articles and news we recommend you have a minimum of 1 article per week with the optimal option being 3 articles per week. We also recommend to publish these articles periodically rather than all at once with long pauses between publication stages.

In what languages do you offer writing articles and texts?

We have extensive experience in writing texts in dozens of languages, but most often our clients looking for Bulgarian and English.

We also work with some of the best translation agencies in Europe (yes, not only in Bulgaria), which allows us to translate our texts with extremely high quality, in over 50 languages. We have even worked in Swahili and Chinese. It was more than fun 🙂

Can you rewrite the titles and descriptions of all the products on my site?

Of course! We do this for e-shops with hundreds of thousands of products in the catalog. We know how editing texts and headlines changes the long-term positioning of the site on Google as well as traffic to the website.

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What next?

As a salesperson the greatest satisfaction for me is when our customers improve their sales. 

Ivo Ivanov
Sales Manager

Our team has worked for some of the biggest companies
in the country and the world

Of course we also have a large number of small and micro clients with whom we have been working excellently for decades.