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Online reputation management (digital PR)

✓ control what you want people to find for you

✓ change people’s opinions about you, your brand, or a specific idea

Онлайн репутация

People find
what we want

Over 80% of people search and check online what is being advertised to them. So they run into different pages
that form their opinion about people, companies, brands, products or ideas. If you control
what people find for you, you can manage it and achieve amazing results.

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How does online reputation work?

Online reputation management can be seen as digital PR. Our team makes a complete analysis of what can be found online for you. We divide the results into positive, neutral and negative.

We define a goal. Most often the goal is not to find everything negative, but to find everything positive easier. Said, done!

The process takes time but we often achieve results where everything users find on a topic is put there by us. It may sound like bragging but we are really good at it.

What is the "online reputation service" for

✓ Popular person – if the media often writes about you, but you want people to find only the positive materials, not the yellows – you need an online reputation. It can be used if you expect specific events related to your name ahead of time. If you know that someone will look for information about you in time, it is good for you to prepare what they will find.

✓ Product – If you have a product that you want people to know more about, and after checking to be completely convinced that it is the right choice – you need an online reputation. Over 80% of people seek online confirmation of their choice. Over 65% of consumers tend to give up a product or service in the presence of negative opinions and publications. We recommend it to be used preventively.

✓ Company / Brand – If your company has a communication crisis, or simply negative publications have appeared on the web, despite your many years of quality and dedicated activity – you need an online reputation. It can be used both after a crisis and during a crisis, and preventively.

✓ Idea – if you want to sell a specific idea and change the habits of a specific consumer audience – you need an online reputation. It can be used both by companies that want people to change their habits using their product, and by the NGO sector, which wants concrete ideas and positive changes in public attitudes to become a reality. In practice, any socially significant topic can be directed in one direction or another, through techniques of online reputation (or let’s say – digital PR). 

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Writing the correct texts

Online reputation or Digital PR requires the publication of many texts in many places on the web. Often customers do not have the time or muse to create the right amount of text, length, and the right messages to achieve the desired effect.

Then our team of reactive lyricists intervenes, or as it is fashionable to call them – copywriters. The texts prepared by our team are in line with the overall strategy for your image and are built so that they have communication with each other, in terms of ideas, messages and style.

Briefly – we write texts. You can transfer everything to us.

You have questions about management
of online reputation (digital PR)?

How fast can you achieve results?

It all depends on what your current situation is. If no one has written about you online so far your situation is relatively easy and pleasant. As early as the second month you can expect a significant improvement in your reputation. If someone has already written about you, whether positively or negatively, the time in which you can feel the first effect is about 3 to 4 months. If the web is full of materials in which you are not presented in the best light then you can expect the first results around the sixth month. It is important to note that in any case the real effect of online reputation management will be visible between 9 and 12 months after starting work.

When should I start building my online reputation?

Anyone who wants to become a public figure in one form or another must work on their reputation in advance. Here’s a few examples. You want to run for mayor, an MP, you are negotiating for a ministerial post, you will soon publish your first book, you plan to do online events or you will release a new album. When the event in question happens thousands of people will search for information about you online and it is better to find the right materials that we have placed there. We recommend that you consult with us as early as possible to build the right strategy.

If you have a communication crisis, a targeted media attack against you, your products or companies – you should start immediately. If you expect such a crisis in the future and want to be prepared – call us immediately.

What does the online reputation process involve?

If you do not have a website, includes creating one. After that SEO optimization for Google and other search engines. We also have a stage of writing articles and positioning them in the right way on the web. And of course about 80% more know-how which we will not share with anyone but it works.

How can you promote ideas and change people's opinions?

In 1929, Edward Bernays (Freud’s nephew) used his uncle’s methods to do the unthinkable at the time – to promote smoking among women. Until now women who smoke are considered to have questionable morals. But tobacco growers are losing 50% of the market because of this perception. They hired Edward Bernays to change that because they knew he had an unconventional approach. He launched the Torches of Freedom campaign by creating a whole movement for equal rights among women. And as a symbol of the independent and strong woman he imposed the cigarette.

Nearly 100 years later we work in an identical way but with modern methods. We have imposed various ideas among the population, including those related to ecology, tourism (for Greece, Germany, Croatia, Turkey), the use of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, buying and selling real estate, financial services, changing lunch habits among teenagers and many other.

Businesses often need to change consumer beliefs and habits to find their products. We do just that – through our service we change people’s habits and understandings providing them with new information and a different perspective.

Can you raise my rating in ...?

In short – we can. But for the specific platform you want to work on contact us to discuss how this can be done.

It is important to know that we do not use trolls or networks of bogus profiles. We make sure that you achieve sustainable and quality results.

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