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Our team has worked on over 6,000 websites and we know exactly what you need.

simplified website

Adding a lot of (and often unnecessary) functionality to websites slows down and makes the process of starting a project more expensive. They rarely lead to revenue improvement.

Our team simplifies the process of making any website by removing everything unnecessary so that you can launch your website as quickly as possible. Because every day you’re offline is a day you lose money. And we don’t want that. Right?

Quickly, qualitatively and by standard

We use the WordPress platform, which serves over 455 million websites worldwide. This allows us to create a product for you as quickly as possible with high quality and standards. This guarantees you the autonomy of the project, long life, easy change of the content of the site by you and adequate support over time.

Wondering who owns the website after we finish it? Of course, the website is your property and you have complete control over it.

Flexible prices for website development

The cost of making a website varies depending on the type of the site – business card site, corporate site, blog, e-shop, the complexity of its development, the number of pages and other parameters. Please contact us to discuss your new site and we will prepare a price offer for you to create a website.

Ask for your awesome new site today!

Don’t wait to make a website.

Make a website and wait.

You have questons about
your new website?

How fast can you make my website?

The truth is that we can do it in a day if we do not sleep and eat. We have done it more than once when the case is special. Usually a standard website takes us between 1 to 2 weeks. However, in order to meet the deadline you must have prepared the materials in advance – logo, photos, texts.

Who owns the site?

The site is your property. You have full control and rights over it. You can edit the content yourself (if you wish).

Can you buy a domain and hosting for me?

Of course. We will choose for you the most economical plan according to your needs and we will take care to inform you every year when they need to be renewed.

I have an old website. Can you copy the information from it?

Of course. If the site works and we have access to it we can copy the information from your old website. In case it is an e-shop with over 50 products in it we will give you a price based on the number of products on the site.

Can you write texts for the site?

Our customers are strong in what they do. They are good doctors, lawyers, hoteliers, restaurateurs and often do not have time to sit down to write texts for their website. So we can write your texts and you can only tell us if you want to correct something. Believe us – it’s easier to edit text than to start from scratch.

Why use WordPress?

WordPress is a platform proven for decades and used by over 455 million websites worldwide. Whether your site is a 1 page, blog, media, corporate site or complex e-shop WordPress will work flawlessly. It offers frequent and quality updates. Thanks to the fact that there is a clear standard and good documentation the website is easy to maintain and develop.

Can you add features different from those described in the plans?

We could add hundreds of different features to your site if you need them. They are paid extra for which you can contact us with the specific request.

How does the payment work?

For the sites in the first 2 packages you have to prepay. In the third package payment is made in two equal installments at the beginning of the work and after the launch of the website.

Ask for your awesome
new site today!

Don’t wait to make a website.

Make a website and wait.

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What next?

As a salesperson the greatest satisfaction for me is when our customers improve their sales. 

Ivo Ivanov
Sales Manager

Our team has worked for some of the biggest companies
in the country and the world

Of course we also have a large number of small and micro clients with whom we have been working excellently for decades.