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Advertising campaign management

✓ management of ads in search networks – Google, Bing and other search engines  

✓ management of advertising campaigns on social networks – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

We run campaigns
that work

Online advertising is the fastest way for your business to reach new customers around the world.

Strategic planning

The success of an advertising campaign depends on the preliminary strategy for its implementation. We take the time to determine which is the most appropriate channel for communication and to achieve the goals you set.

The management of our advertising campaigns includes a stage of research and preliminary analysis, defining the audience and choosing the resources to reach it.

Every month we run campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and dozens of more exotic channels for communication of hundreds of customers which requires daily focus and full dedication on our part.

Detailed reports

Our team has always been results-oriented. Internet advertising unlike print and television, radio and outdoor advertising can easily and clearly report what we have achieved.

At the end of each month you’ll receive a detailed report on how your budget was spent – how many users saw your ad, how many clicked on it, how many reached your website, how many were converted into bookings, inquiries, calls, sales.

If you buy a billboard on the highway you can’t even find out how many people in their cars have managed to read something driving at 140 kilometers per hour. We believe that we can offer you much more than one billboard. We offer you real clients.

Clear and predictable prices

When managing online advertising we do not have specific price packages to choose from, due to the specifics of each campaign and the different communication channels we can use, the different markets we want to reach, the duration of the campaign and many more parameters. However, our prices are easy to predict. They include an initial campaign creation fee and a percentage of the budget that is managed. For more information – contact us to prepare an individual offer.

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Писане на текстове за уебсайтове

Writing great texts for websites

Writing the right texts for any website is crucial for proper seo optimization. Texts are not an end in themselves, and quantity does not always mean good results.

In order to write the greatest texts for your website we work hard to identify the weaknesses of your competition and make it ahead of them in the race for consumer attention.

We offer writing all texts on a website, as well as support for blogs, news sections or “frequently asked questions” pages. Call us to tell you more.

Have questions about managing
advertising campaigns?

What budget should I invest per month?

It depends entirely on your business, the purpose of the campaign, whether the advertising will be in a city, the whole country or the whole world, or a set of countries. Of course, the price also depends on whether the communication channel will be Google, Facebook or another platform.

Once we understand your goals we will offer you the optimal budget with which you can start. We like to define a daily budget which makes it much easier for you to plan your expenses.


Do you make pictures, texts, messages?

When our clients have a ready vision and messages we can use them. In some cases they need to be adapted to the limitations of platforms such as Google, Facebook.

We can also offer you the production of banners, messages and complete service of your campaign from-to.

Should I choose advertising or SEO?

These two services are not interchangeable. It’s like comparing exercise to a healthy diet. Both lead to better physical shape but work differently.

Search engine optimization (SEO) works long term and aims to reach new users every day as people find you naturally. This process is slow but very persistent.

An ad campaign is a quick way to get users to your site but when it stops users also stop because it’s not sustainable over time.

We recommend EVERY website to do SEO, as advertising campaigns could enhance the effect.

Do you work with any sites?

Although from a marketing point of view the word “no” is forbidden to use it appears in our dictionary. We say “no” to advertising campaigns related to weapons, banned or dubious drugs / supplements, sites offering gambling or other types of dubious financial schemes, MLM, binary options.

In general we like to work for great clients whether they are small or large. The important thing is to be on the bright side of the law.

Can I run an ad campaign on Google or Facebook without having a website?

For Facebook advertising you will need a page so you can run a campaign there. If you do not have one we can implement it through one of ours or make one specifically for this purpose.

As for Google – yes, you need a site to direct the user to. This may be just a landing page but it’s important to send the user to a place where they can get more information about you.

If you do not have a website, we can build one for you.

Is there a minimum period for advertise?

Each advertising campaign can be planned from 1 day to an unlimited period of time. You can pause and run advertising campaigns according to your needs and workload.

We recommend that the minimum period of a campaign to be at least 10 days in order to achieve better efficiency and optimal cost.

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If you launch your campaign today

you can have the first new customers within hours.

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Of course we also have a large number of small and micro clients with whom we have been working excellently for decades.