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We make websites
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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a specific process in which your website is
positioned further in the results when searching for specific words and phrases. This improves your traffic, orders, sales and inquiries.
We are experts in seo optimization.

SEO - оптимизация за търсещи машини

Our keywords are unlimited

Search engine optimization is not an activity that can be limited in terms of words and phrases. We don’t work in pieces, so we simply optimize your entire website. Along with all the words, phrases, texts, images, pages and subpages it includes.

Our goal is your website to gain a high ranking in the long term, which will lead to a lasting increase in your online performance. Whether you’re looking for traffic, sales, inquiries, calls or reservations, optimization is the surest way to reach users who are looking for your products and services.

Who needs SEO optimization? Absolutely anyone who has a website.

SEO Audit and monitoring

Before we start working on your website, we do a detailed seo audit of what happened to it up to 10 years ago, in terms of optimization. We technically analyze the site, evaluate texts, structure and make tests for the user experience. Then we adjust all this so that we can be sure that when we start the process of optimization (SEO), we will be most effective.

On a daily basis, we monitor your website and its performance so we can adapt our strategy, as well as identify potential problems and eliminate them in the bud.

SEO одит, отчети и мониторинг

Flexible prices for SEO optimization

The cost of seo optimization can vary according to various indicators such as number of pages, type of site and niche in which it fights, competitive indicators. Contact with us to prepare your monthly seo optimization pricing plan.

Need SEO optimization? Call us today!

The earlier you start seo optimizing of your site,

the sooner you will feel the results.

Писане на текстове за уебсайтове

Writing great texts for websites

Writing the right texts for any website is crucial for proper seo optimization. Texts are not an end in themselves, and quantity does not always mean good results.

In order to write the greatest texts for your website we work hard to identify the weaknesses of your competition and make it ahead of them in the race for consumer attention.

We offer writing all texts on a website, as well as support for blogs, news sections or “frequently asked questions” pages. Call us to tell you more.

You have questions about
our SEO services?

How fast can I become number 1 on Google?

Hardly any SEO expert can give you an accurate answer to this question. For your positioning in Google and other search engines, several hundred parameters are taken into account and each of them has a different weight. Something more – for your positioning in Google is also important the state of your competition and how much it has invested in optimization. One thing is for sure – we strive for you to feel the effect as quickly as possible and maintain the inertia till the moment you achieve great results.

What real results can I expect?

Many people want a specific position on Google for a specific keyword. This is achievable but it is not always the right approach. We find the right solution for every type of business and website and make sure that people looking for your services and products will find you. Here is an example: If you have a hospital and you want to be in the first place and someone is looking for the keyword “hospital” – this is a difficult and expensive endeavor that will not lead to results because it is too general. However if someone is looking for an “eye doctor”, “rehabilitation hospital” or other type of service that you offer then they will find not only your site but also the right page of it which directly sells what the client (in case the patient) needs. Briefly – you can really expect improvements in entries from Google and other search engines within tens of percent. Exactly how much we can improve your condition depends on many factors and we can tell you after you tell us your website.

Do you do negative SEO?

No. We believe that doing active optimization on your website is more sustainable than paying to worsen the optimization of the competition.

I have an old website that I am updating. Could this harm the optimization?

Of course. Transferring an old to a new version of a website or changing the address of a website is a process that needs to be approached with special care. We recommend you to consult with us before taking such action because following specific procedures (individual for each project) you can keep your rating and even improve it. If these procedures are ignored it is very likely that the new website will significantly worsen your performance.

Why not work on specific keywords?

We work for them. But we cannot limit ourselves to them. Imagine that you hired us as fitness instructors and you want a perfect body. We can’t work for just one muscle group. On the contrary – we will work on all including your diet. It’s the same with your website – yes, we mean and work on the most important words and phrases for you, but we also bring your site in very good shape, which will lead to a much stronger effect. The so-called “Long Tail” effect. Read more about the idea in our blog.

Do you optimize websites made on WIX, OXXY, Shopify, WordPress ...?

For us the platform on which the website is built does not matter. We have extensive experience with all platforms and can offer many individual and exotic solutions.

We know that changing websites is a complicated and unpleasant procedure for our clients, and we recommend such action relatively infrequently when it is absolutely necessary to achieve results.

Can I order SEO just for 2 months?

Optimization as we already mentioned is a specific time-consuming process. If you order optimization for only 2 months, you will not be able to feel the real effect of this activity. Most people have been frustrated with SEO services over the years or have come across non-professionals or (more often) used SEO services piecemeal for a short period of time. We can use the example presented above – if you want the perfect body, will you go to the gym for only 2 weeks? Hardly. In short – we do not recommend optimization for your website for less than 12 months. In fact, we recommend you never stop optimizing.

How does the payment work?

Subscription SEO services are paid on a monthly basis at the beginning of each period. Of course we also offer an option of prepayment, for which you will receive a generous price reduction.
If you don’t want to think about monthly payments we also offer automatic credit /debit card charging.

Need SEO optimization? Call us today!

The earlier you start seo optimizing of your site,

the sooner you will feel the results.

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