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SEO agency Reshenia.com - this is us

Our company was founded in 2007 while our team works on internet projects
together and separately since the distant 1997. During this period we have implemented thousands of online projects
and many of them are still our customers.

Mission, vision, values


To make online business accessible to everyone regardless of their location.


To give every business the right and up-to-date internet solution.


We believe that when we help honest and fair businesses to develop their online presence, we help the environment to get better products and services, and hence a better life.

History and team

The history of Reshenia.com officially started in 2007, when the company was registered. However, our team has been working on internet projects since 1997. In the process of working, communicating and building strong friendships with each other, after years of working for different companies and in different configurations, we came together in one place to make the Internet a better place.

The beauty of our minimalist team comes from the fact that we have not learned what we do through courses, but through extensive practice, making almost all possible mistakes in the online business, from the very beginning of the Internet.

Each of us is an expert in a different field which contributes in its own way to our work. Among us are financiers, economists, political scientists, cyberneticists, biologists and managers. Add to this marketers, programmers, designers and writers of business and fiction, and you will get the diversity of our team.

Sometimes we are asked how such a small team manages to cope with such large-scale projects? The truth is that over the years we have experimented with huge teams of over 100 people and minimal teams. And the results are often identical. We sincerely believe in Parkinson’s laws, and one of them says: “The number of people in a task force is growing, regardless of the amount of work to be done.”

To antagonize this irrational law, we choose the path of automation and the use of technology in the right way, in full. This saves time, energy and our team can stay compact and clearly focused on the end goal.

Our services

SEO оптимизация

SEO optimization

We can position your website in the top places of Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex. Thus you will generate more traffic and more revenue.

Разработване уебсайтове

Website development

We consult and build websites that sell and deliver sustainable results over time. Quick, easy, by clear standards.

Google Ads и Facebook реклама

Google Ads and Facebook advertising

We run advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram and more unusual places. We are strong in guerrilla marketing.

Онлайн репутация

Online reputation / Digital PR

Nowadays online reputation is everything. We manage what users find for you, your company or product. Don't leave your reputation to chance.

Writing articles - copywriting

We have a whole army of quality copywriters just waiting for you to give them a topic on which to create the most wonderful texts that sell.

Фирмени обучения и консултации

Company trainings and consultations

We can improve the level of your team or advise you on your online business - its sustainable development or its proper start-up.

Our team has worked for some of the biggest companies
in the country and the world

Of course we also have a large number of small and micro clients with whom we have been working excellently for decades.

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What next?

As a salesperson the greatest satisfaction for me is when our customers improve their sales. 

Ivo Ivanov
Sales Manager