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Email Marketing: what do you need to know?

Did you know that the first marketing email was sent back in 1978? This resulted in sales worth 13 million dollars.

It`s no surprise that email marketing keeps being one of the most effective marketing approaches that help you attract and retain your customers. Here`s how to do it:

What`s email marketing?

The most important thing that you need to know is that email marketing isn`t spam.

We can define email marketing as a marketing approach that uses email services to reach a targeted audience of current and potential customers by sending them advertising messages.

But what`s the secret to successful email marketing? The emails you send to your existent customers and prospects should be relevant to them.

It`s simple. The email marketing campaign should be personal and tailored to the needs of your clients. In this way, they won`t erase your emails and mark them as spam. And it gets even better, they might even read them till the end.

Why you need email marketing?

If executed correctly, email marketing can be beneficial to you and your business. Here`re some of its benefits as listed by HubSpot:

  • Builds a relationship of trust – personalized and consistent email marketing campaigns can build/deepen the relationship of trust between you and your customers.
  • Makes your brand more popular – promotes your brand.
  • Promotes your content – you can use email marketing to promote and distribute the content you create. As you already know, creating content is important for every successful business.
  • Promotes your products and services – email marketing is a great way to show your prospects and customer that your product or service can be useful for them.

A guide to successful email marketing

Did we manage to convince you that using email marketing has many benefits? Here`s some practical advice on how to do it:

1. Define your audience

All emails that don`t end up in the bin or the Spam folder have something in common. They are relevant. Define your potential customers, their needs, and interests. Make sure that your email campaign targets these concrete needs and interests.

2. Set goals

To reach your goals, it`s essential to define them correctly. What do you want to achieve with your email marketing campaign? What are the statistics in your niche showing? What is the competition doing?

3. Choose a marketing campaign type

What will be the type of your email marketing campaign? Are you going to send a weekly newsletter? What information will you send – blog articles or news about your products and services? You can check out some ideas for email marketing campaigns here.

Also, you can segment your email marketing list in accordance with the interests of the people who are in it. The goal is that everyone receives information that`s relevant for them.

In conclusion

Most people use email services. Therefore, it`s important to benefit from email marketing.

There`re thousands of rules and useful advice (you should follow them), but the most important thing is to try being useful to your clients. Writing in a simple, understandable, and engaging manner is also vital.

If your email campaign adds value to your audience, it will be valuable for your business too.

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