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Online reputation – a magical ingredient for success

An online reputation is something that sounds abstract to most people. Most businesses still believe that when they run a TV commercial or put up a football-sized logo on a building, it’s okay and customers will fly in right away. In fact, this is not the case. Nearly 80% of products and services advertised on television and radio are checked for more details on the Internet. Whether the consumer decides to do business with you, use your services or products depends entirely on your online reputation.

Here are some statistics on the subject.

42% of people check the information about a company or product before making a business or purchase decision.

45% of the above 42% find information that changes their mind.

92% of consumers build their opinion about a brand, product or service based on published comments and articles on the Internet.

67% of users form their opinion by reading no more than 6 comments on a topic.

Every month, users use social media to:

Get to know the experience of other users – 70%

Learn more about a brand, product or service – 65%

To praise a brand – 53%

To seek help or complain about a brand – 50%

73% of consumers say that positive comments on social networks and online media make them believe more in a brand, product or service.

In case you have never worked on your online reputation, there is a high probability that users will come across comments, opinions and topics positioned by your competitors and directed entirely against you. It is also common to find comments and opinions from many years ago when the company was in crisis and really offered poor quality service. If you have now restructured your company and offered the best quality service, but you have done nothing to counteract the old and negative opinions, this will directly affect the opinion of consumers.

It is in this strange service called “online reputation management” or “ORM” that lies the success of some companies and the failure of others. If at one time trust could be won with big and shiny stores, with well-dressed employees, with showing directors on television who inspire confidence, today things are different. Trust for a website is earned when the opinion of a large number of users on the web is positive, when forums, Facebook pages, users and when you are not ashamed to show what you really do. Be it for your employees, for your customers, for your partners, for nature and the world.

To brag and publish positive facts about your company is not wrong and rude – on the contrary. It can be the key to the hearts of your users.

Have you worked actively on your online reputation?

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