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Our Favorite Free SEO Tools

We have all been there. You have just launched your website (or blog) but once you search it on Google it is nowhere to be found. That’s when you realize there is something called search engine optimization (aka SEO). However, everyone offering to optimize your website ask for large sums of money you do not have. To make things worse, all of the instruments designed to help you are not cheap either.

This is why we’ve decided to share with you our favorite SEO tools that are totally free. We should note that all of them focus on on-site optimization, meaning they will navigate you through the things on your website that need improvement. Once you start reducing the number of errors, your site will slowly climb up in the results.


Did you know that Google gives you a handful of free instruments that are fundamental to SEO? And you know what? You only need to login to your Google account to use them. For instance, Google Analytics lets you check the traffic going through your website – how many visitors you get, where do they come from, how did they find you, what was their location when you checked you out, what is their sex, age, etc. All of this valuable data is crucial when you create you content because in order to satisfy your audience you first get to know it.

Google Trends – this particular tool allows you to check what people have been looking for on Google in recent times. The idea is that you can easily use this vital information and create viral topics. The goal here is to instantly jump on the bandwagon and compose engaging content that will bring in more traffic. Google Trends is your best friend when it comes to content creation because “Content is King!” these days. Google cares about the quality of your content more than ever before.

Google Search Console – another product by the search engine giant. Connect Search Console to your website and it will regularly check your site for basic and crucial errors. This will help you recognize them timely and fix them as quickly as possible. Things like title tags, meta tags, meta descriptions, image descriptions, all of these that you are most likely to neglect in the first place are monitored by Search Console. This instrument will instantly inform you when something is wrong. The best thing about Google Search Console is that it allows you to keep an eye on your linkbuilding efforts.


As easy as it sounds, the only thing you have to do is input your URL. From then on, Sitechecker will automatically scan your website and identify its errors. It is somewhat similar to Search Console so you can use them both at the same time as sometimes one of these tools might miss some crucial error that might prevent you from ranking on the first page.

Alternatively, you can use Neil Patel’s free SEO Analyzer, which gives much more detailed information.


Another free SEO tool by the mighty Neil Patel. Initially, Ubersuggest was paid but once Neil acquired it he made it completely free for the public. The thing about Ubersuggest is that it does not only show you the keywords you already rank for but it also suggests similar long-tail keywords, which you should add to your content.

Now you have two options – either to update your published posts by adding a paragraph (or two) with these keywords in or to create a brand new post. We highly recommend the second option. Why? Did we mention that content is king?

Answer the Public

We all do the same thing – when we need answers we ask Google. Here is how Answer the Public works. You type in a relevant to your website keyword and the platform shows you all sorts of questions related to this exact keyword. This tool is extremely helpful when you are planning out your next piece of content.

Remeber, if you answer people’s questions, people will love you. Google will love you as well and will rank you higher.

WordPress Plugins

In case your website or blog is based on WordPress you can simply use one of those free SEO plugins. Yoast, for example, keeps an eye on your titles, meta descriptions, image descriptions, keywords, meta titles, and title tags. Furthermore, it scans your text and identifies its length, how many times you have used passive voice and hundreds of other things.

We hope you have found this article useful. It’s pointless to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on tools that have free alternatives that work just as well.

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