I do not have time to make a site – what should I do?

I do not have time to make a site - what should I do?

Starting a new business from scratch can be a time-consuming process, to say the least. Sometimes it might soak all of your spare time and it is no surprise that some entrepreneurs work 14-18 hours a day. Yes, on weekends too. To be honest this is the only way to succeed and I have gone through this at least 10 times with every new business. 

Startups’ daily routine often gets stuck with paper works, different strategies, money management and they seem to neglect one crucial element of modern day business.

It’s called a website.

We live in the 21st century and we can access all sorts of information available on the internet 24/7. Entrepreneurs understand that their business should be somewhere there. It should be visible, well-positioned, and accessible. Sadly, they barely have the time to take care of that. Moreover, entrepreneurs tend to see this task as a lot of hard work. Kind of writing a Ph.D. thesis…

This is hardly surprising, having in mind businesses have their niche, which not always has anything to do with the world wide web and all the magic things that happen on it. When you deal with logistics, open a cafe, a dental clinic, or manage a butchery, the last thing you should know about are mysterious words such as copywriting, search engine optimization, hosting, domain and tens of others. In fact, you don’t have to and you don’t need to know what they mean. 

We firmly believe that everyone should mind their own business (literally). This is why from now on we are going to offer you an old service presented in a new manner. In short, what we offer you is to:

Let us do your website and take care of your business.

If we have to explain our service in a wordy way it will go like this – you don’t have to understand things, neither do you have to learn how they work. You don’t need to run A/B tests, to compare, to create written content, to do photoshoots, to come up with a compelling design and so on. This is what we do and this is what we are good at.

We will:

  • choose the right hosting service for you
  • offer you domains (your website address) that match your niche
  • develop the best web design according to the latest trends
  • install, set up, create, and put your website online
  • pre-select appropriate photos or shoot some, in case you need photos for your business
  • write all the content you need, properly describing you and your products
  • connect your social media accounts with your brand new website
  • present your brand and your products or services in the most perfect way possible

Needless to say, there is a lot more we can do. Put simply, we will do everything that needs to be done to have your website on air. Indeed, your website can be created and put online, without you having to do a single thing. Except for having the desire to cooperate, when needed.

This is impossible!

Well, we thought so. At least back in the 90s. In those times, we needed detailed instructions, materials, work files, specifications, and of course tens of meeting to discuss everything again, again, and again. In the early 2000s things weren’t much simpler either. Our clients were virtually trying to reinvent the wheel because there wasn’t an abundance of websites and everything was done for the very first time. I mean, even writing code was a whole lot of adventure because more often than not we had to start from scratch. Back then there weren’t ready for use codes, scripts, platforms, nor any sort of frameworks (these are some other words you don’t need to think about). 

In contrast, today it is much easier to develop a website. I have worked on just shy of 1000 websites. Together with our team, we have gone through everything you can imagine. We’ve had clients desperate to have websites bigger than Amazon and some who just need a logo and a phone number on their website. 

Well, not every website is possible without cooperating with your clients. For instance, websites, which offer sophisticated online services, require individual approach and proper preparation.

However, in reality, 80% of the businesses paint rather a different picture. In general, companies need a website where they can showcase their brand, their offers, their products, services, prices, and some contact information. As simple as that. Restaurants’ websites differ from those built for plastic surgery just like accountant’s websites are different from those of publishers. But we have managed all of them and know which is the best solution to your niche. Our experience is a guarantee that your website will be as unique as you. And not just a blatant ripoff of something else. 

If you want to have your website ready for use in 4-6 weeks and if you want to make it profitable, then we are the ones to help you out. Just outsource us this boring task and let us do our thing.

In case, I failed in convincing you this is one helluva deal, you can peep in my book “How to profit from the internet?” You will find valuable information about how you can set up your own website individually or with some help from a web studio. 

What if you are one of those entrepreneurs who don’t have time to spend on their website? Easy! We will sell you our time.

Contact our team now and in a nick of time, you will be out there standing strong in the middle of the website ocean. 

Ние сме дигитална агенция специализирана в следните услуги: SEO оптимизацията, управление на онлайн репутация (ORM), създаване на уебсайтове, маркетинг чрез съдържание, рекламни кампании. Може да ни пишете на info@reshenia.com, да се свържете с нас: 0887 904 944 или да ни изпратите запитване.

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