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How to Write Business Emails? Useful Tips

Do you own a business? If the answer is YES, then you probably know that efficient email communication leads to more sales.

Probably, you receive tens if not thousands of marketing emails yourself. We bet you drag some of them straight to your Trash folder without even opening them.

Then the question is – how to craft emails that your potential customers, clients, and partners would open?

Here are some tips from the one and only Hubspot:

Pay attention to your emails’ subject

The only way to make someone open your email is through an attractive subject. Hubspot has conducted data-driven research, which was later used to create lists of different topics and subjects, which can stimulate customers to open your emails. Some of them include:


  • “Hello from [insert your company name here]”
  • “Grow your [sales, traffic, etc] by 40% in just 3 months”
  • “Need a [your service or product]?”


  • Nothing is free (Is that really true?)
  • Coffee’s on me
  • I’ve been following you for [period] but this is the first time I get in touch

Focus on your readers

Probably the most important thing is to focus on your readers’ needs and interests. This is why digital gurus always keep telling you you have to know your target audience. Check out our suggestions on how to kick off a conversation and actually convince the email receiver to read your entire message.

  • I find your work at [insert company name] very inspiring.
  • I read your last article on [topic] and I found it extremely valuable.
  • I read your post on [post].
  • I see we are both interested in [common interests].

Provide additional value

Before you ask for something, you have to give something in return. Reciprocity is part of our psychology and you should be aware of that.

It’s actually very simple: people are more likely to do something for you, if you’ve done something for them, without asking for anything in return.

In his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion Robert Cialdini gives an interesting example:

Some of the research participants received a can of soda as a free gift. Later the same participants were asked to pay $5 and join a raffle. Those participants who received a free soda were more likely to pay for the raffle than the rest of the participants.

What can you do?

  • Research the individuals comprising your target audience and congratulate them for their work or recent achievements.
  • Offer them an article or a research paper they might find interesting and valuable.
  • Offer them a meeting with a person you know they might find intriguing.

Finish with CTA

What is your actual goal?

If you want to schedule a meeting with the person you are writing to, your Call to Action could be a hyperlink directing to your calendar.

Of course, your CTA could also be a link to a related article, source page or something else. The aim of any CTA is to direct readers to a certain place on the internet, where they can engage better with you.

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