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Full digital service package – seo, advertising, reputation, local optimization and content

Many companies do not pay enough attention to their digital presence. This probably costs them a lot of customers these days because most users search and check on the internet.

Whatever we say, the correct positioning on the Internet is quite resource-intensive and requires significant monthly efforts, as well as knowledge. That is why companies often neglect this process or simply outsource it to external companies and specialists.

In fact, in most cases it is far cheaper and more efficient to hire an external digital agency to cover a company’s needs. Compared to hiring one or a few people to do it in-house, it can cost several tens of thousands of dollars in salaries for these specialists.

What services does each company actually need in general?

SEO (search engine optimization) – this is a service that can force your website, product, service to the first search positions in Google and other popular search engines. SEO optimisation is important because in the long run it can bring you organic traffic (users who clicked and entered your site through search). Once you position yourself on the right words and phrases, you can count on free traffic to your site for a long time.

Local SEO optimisation or optimising your business by address to appear properly on Google Maps. This is important, especially if you rely on visits to a physical store, office or establishment. People often search for local services around their location as well, and good positioning can net you quite a few extra customers every month.

Online reputation, or how your business and your products or services are viewed on the web. Many people check this, and if your reputation is poor or lacking, then this is not a good sign. Of course there is something to be done about it.

Advertising campaigns in popular social networks and Google. Or another channel with which you can immediately show your business, product or service to your potential customers. And yes, a well-organized and well-tuned campaign is much more than pushing a post from your Facebook page for $10.

Generating the perfect content (copywriting). In fact, blogging on your site can be a super powerful tool in your digital portfolio. Don’t ignore it.

But how much does all this cost and how long might it take?

The answer is it depends on what you want, to whom you entrust it as an organization and implementation. And yes, setting up such a package of services combined with the right strategy must be specific to your business to be effective. Write to us to discuss..

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