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The Secret of Succesful Email Marketing

MailerLite once said that email has gone a long way from being a communication channel to being the actual content.

In fact, email is probably the oldest technology that is still thriving today. Contrary to the belief that email is about the extinct in the following years, elecotrnic mail serivices are growing by the hour. Today email plays a pivotal role in business comunnication and marketing.

That’s why email marketing is a powerful weapon every marketer is familiar with. Recently, the email service provider MailerLite conducted a survey on email marketing. We pulled some useful tips from this survey so you can familiarize yourself with the vest practices. Make sure to check them out:

Interactive emails

Back in the day the main goal of email marketing was to bring traffic back to the sender’s website, personal blog or their social media channels.

However, times are changing. According to MailerLite, only 2-4% from the receivers click on the links you (and we) send. On the other hand, if you insert your key point within the email itself, the chances are a higher percentage will consume your message.

Automated emails

Email marketing services are more intuitive and easy to navigate than ever. Nowadays, you can segment your mailing lists and automate them in a nick of time. By creating automated email campaigns, you get the opportunity to target very specific groups within your audience. This means that you can personalize your emails better and thus increase your open rate and eventually create content that will be interesting to the receiver. Remember, when you craft captivating content it will most likely not get marked as SPAM.

Tell stories

Get used to the idea that people usually don’t have time for you. Their attention span is limited when they are bombarded with information. It’s up to you to capture their attention for as long as possible.

And the way to do it is by telling a story. Make an emotional bond with your readers and tell your personal stories instead of strictly promoting your products.

Simple Design

According to marketer Mindy Rowen, nowadays quality content beats any packaging, regardless of how luxurious it may seem. Simple design and valuable content can help you build a relationship with your audience and this is the starting ground of successful marketing.

Captivating content means sending personalized emails and telling stories, while designers are generally preaching the “less is more” rule.

In other words, do not make your email design complex at all. You’d better go for a simple design with as much as three colours.

Final Words

The latest trends in email marketing include three main things – storytelling, simple design, and interactiveness. Test them out and tell us how it was.

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