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You have a website or an online store? Great, but can you find it on Google? You type it word-by-word but yet again, your website is nowhere in the results? Maybe it’s on the second page? Third? No? You have a problem, if you can’t find your own website, nobody can. The good news is that we can help you turn things around.

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    Optimize your business

    We can take care of your search engine optimization and put your brand in the top search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even Yandex. Of course, this won’t happen in a week or even a month just because sustainable white-hat SEO is a time-consuming process. However, a well-thought SEO strategy is the key to success for both small and large-scale businesses. You will get more traffic, which you can convert into customers.

    Analyze This

    Prior to our SEO efforts, we will thoroughly inspect your website in order to understand which features need improvement. Did you know that your content could make or break your SEO performance? Yes, that includes photos and blog posts, too. Once we know what’s OK and what’s not, we’ll be able to improve your overall SEO performance. Simply said, you’ll get more visitors than ever.

    On-Page & Off-Page Optimization

    Search engines such as Google and Yahoo constantly scan websites whether you like it or not. Their crawling bots regularly check sites’ content and evaluate it using complex algorithms. Search engine optimization aims to make your website more appealing to both machines and humans. Once the crawling bots start to like your website they will push upwards in the search results queue.

    The SEO Process

    It is of crucial importance to understand that top-notch SEO takes time. After all, Google needs time to evaluate the implemented changes. We know how to set up an effective strategy that will deliver the results you seek.

    Keyword analysis

    We will investigate the keywords found in your site and slightly moderate them if necessary.

    Onsite optimization

    Sometimes just adding or removing some of the content may significantly improve your SEO ranking.


    The quality and quantity of the link leading to your website is the key to Google’s first page.


    Since SEO an on-going process, we closely monitor the performance of the website we work on. Thus we can act accordingly and on time.

    Why SEO matters?

    Google rankings

    85% of the internet customers visit a specific because they’ve found it on Google’s top pages.

    Effective strategy

    Once we understand how humans and machines interact with your website, we will come up with an effective strategy that will boost your rankings and traffic.

    Good SEO = more traffic

    Optimized websites attract more visitors, which you can convert into clients. In short, the more traffic you get, the more profitable your website becomes.

    Search engines are your friends

    When was the last time you typed a website’s URL into your browser? Don’t remember? Exactly, nobody does that. Instead, people look for websites in search engines. It’s much easier.

    Don’t hide

    There are 3.5 billion search queries in Google alone. And that’s on a daily basis. Should we note that only well-optimized websites land on the top pages?

    Be recognizable!

    Internet users trust more website, which they see in the top results. Earn their trust and let your business grow.

    Our happy SEO clients

    Whatthe other say?

    • We have been working with Alex and the team from on different projects for years. The advice he gave for our web projects has always been accurate and timely. I would be happy to work with his team in my future web endeavors.

      Stoyan Toshev
      Editor, HiEnd Publishing
    • I have been working with Alex and Bojo since 2007 and they have always given me fast, adequate and quality solutions for my internet projects. I would not imagine starting an online venture without first consulting with them.

      Vladimir Yordanov
      Project Manager, Investor.BG

    Get yourfree offer now!




      Your website

      How can we help you?

      What is your goal?