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MailerLite once said that email has gone a long way from being a communication channel to being the actual content. In fact, email is probably the oldest technology that is still thriving today. Contrary to the belief that email is about the extinct in the following years, elecotrnic mail serivices are growing by the hour. Today email plays a pivotal role in business comunnication and marketing. That’s why email marketing is a powerful weapon every marketer is familiar with. Recently, the email service provider MailerLite conducted a survey on email marketing. We......

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Do you own a business? If the answer is YES, then you probably know that efficient email communication leads to more sales. Probably, you receive tens if not thousands of marketing emails yourself. We bet you drag some of them straight to your Trash folder without even opening them. Then the question is – how to craft emails that your potential customers, clients, and partners would open? Here are some tips from the one and only Hubspot: Pay attention to your emails’ subject The only way to make someone open your email......

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Did you know that the first marketing email was sent back in 1978? This resulted in sales worth 13 million dollars. It`s no surprise that email marketing keeps being one of the most effective marketing approaches that help you attract and retain your customers. Here`s how to do it: What`s email marketing? The most important thing that you need to know is that email marketing isn`t spam. We can define email marketing as a marketing approach that uses email services to reach a targeted audience of current and potential customers by sending......

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