Content Marketing

Рекламите не свършват с Google AdWords

It’s no secret that online advertisements could be extremely efficient. In fact, we would say they are obligatory for every business, which wants to boosts its sales and overall brand recognition. Since we have already talked about how Facebook Ads and search ads work, today we won’t focus on them. Besides there are other marketing channels no one pays attention to. However, that doesn’t make them less efficient but it does make them less competitive, which is in your advantage. What are YouTube Bumper Ads? We bet you’ve stumbled upon those 5-6-7......

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Защо видеото и подкастът не са за подценяване?

We can’t emphasize hard enough how important content is for SEO. Most of the time people tend to associate content with blogging. And while the better part of the content published online is indeed written this should not stop you from letting your imagination flow. The good news is that you can recycle information and deliver it to your audience in a variety of ways. For instance, you can easily back your blog post with captivating infographics or to go one step further and create video content. Of course, you can always......

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