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It`s happening again. My nerves are racking. I`m anxiously pulling my hair while thinking of my next blog title. Ever happened to you to lose it? Perhaps, you know the feeling of succumbing to negative emotions like despair, anxiety, anger or sadness? It might be that they`ve dragged you down way too often. IMAGE: Unsplash.com But there`s a way out. And it`s called emotional intelligence. After going through resources discussing the concept along with other practical theories like emotional agility and self-awareness, I`ve summarised some key takeaways. Here`s my suggestion. Set a......

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Creating and maintaining a blog is relatively easy, but essential for your business` branding, SEO optimization, and revenues. We have already talked about what`s a blog and how to turn a blog into a money making machine. Convinced that the numerous benefits of blogging are worth your time and effort? Let`s dive in and discover the secrets to creating killer blog posts. Define the interests and problems of your audience Before you start blogging, it`s vital to answer the following questions: Who are you targeting with the content you create? What are the......

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