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6 социални мрежи, на които да обърнете внимание

Did you know that there are more than 200 social media websites out there? Over 70% of the internet users have at least one social media profile. It would be such a shame if you didn’t take advantage of this enormous audience – you can advertise, you can sell, you can target old and new customers, as well just be where your target audience is. The question is – how do we know which social channel is best for us? The endless ocean can shipwreck your company if you fail to steer......

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content marketing

Traditional marketing techniques are becoming less and less effective in today’s world that bombards the users with thousands of ads and services. But how to attract the attention of the spoiled user or customer who has an unlimited number of options? It`s time to learn more about one of the hottest marketing trends – Content Marketing. What is Content Marketing? This strategy turns traditional perspectives upside down – instead of pitching your products or services to prospects and customers, it aims to provide relevant and useful content to help them solve their......

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team of reshenia.com

We are proud that our new website is finally live. It’s has been a hell of a ride – we put so much passion in it that the outcome is better than expected. You can check our portfolio where you’ll find each and every of our clients. We are happy that we managed to satisfy each client’s needs and demands. Since we are speaking of clients, we enjoy working on both small and large-scale, just because we love what we do. To say that we live in the internet would be a......

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