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You`ve worked insanely hard. You`ve conducted a thorough research into the interests and problems of your audience and potential clients. What`s the result? Captivating and valuable blog content, which you struggle to maintain and update on a daily basis. But there`s one problem. Things are not going well. You keep wondering: why nobody reads the awesome posts you`re creating? Because you have to invest time in promotion. You have to learn where is your audience spending time and how to steal their attention. Here`re five tactics to help you achieve just that:......

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Creating and maintaining a blog is relatively easy, but essential for your business` branding, SEO optimization, and revenues. We have already talked about what`s a blog and how to turn a blog into a money making machine. Convinced that the numerous benefits of blogging are worth your time and effort? Let`s dive in and discover the secrets to creating killer blog posts. Define the interests and problems of your audience Before you start blogging, it`s vital to answer the following questions: Who are you targeting with the content you create? What are the......

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