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Как да направим блога си машина за пари?

You are probably wondering how do bloggers make a living? Now before we move on, make sure you know what is a blog. We get it that blogging looks very attractive with all these posts on social media depicting bloggers chilling on the beach. They pretend to be working with a cocktail by their side. Well, unfortunately, this is not the reality. At least for the majority of bloggers. Blogging is by no means offering a quick-rich formula. However, you can make money just by creating content but it takes time, effort,......

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What Is a Blog and How Does It Differ from a Website?

Everyone who has ever used the internet has stumbled upon or least have heard about blogs. This is hardly surprising, having in mind blogs are some of the most popular types of websites. But what exactly is a blog and how does it differ from a regular site? If you want to find the answers, keep reading. What is a blog? In blogs, publications appear in a reverse order, meaning the newest posts appear first. The author of the articles is often referred to as a blogger. Blogs could focus on one......

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