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The best thing about the internet is that both industry heavyweights and local startups can advertise their businesses online. Even more, you can show the world how great your company is. Internet advertising can virtually make you a voice in your industry. Are you ready to make the next step?

TV and radio advertising is quite pricey. Besides once your campaign is on air you can’t measure its efficiency nor can you modify it. In contrast, Google AdWords campaigns are effective, they are way cheaper than TV and radio commercials and you can set your target audience. In Google AdWords, the sky is the limit.

But how is this even possible?

Set your goals

Successful ad campaigns depend on the strategy that underpins them. In order to achieve your goals, you have to know what is your target audience and what are you promoting – product, service or your company.

Social media advertising

Social media channels are a great way to promote your business. In fact, social media advertising can really boost your traffic and attract the right audience just for you. The truth is, we really enjoy social media ad campaigns. Our clients dig them, too.

Google AdWords

Our expert team knows how to make the most out Google AdWords campaign. It can promote you to a niche audience in specific timeframes and by using specific keywords.

Facebook advertising

It would be a shame if you don’t promote your business on Facebook. Consider this, Facebook is the largest social media with a staggering user base of 2 billion. What’s even cooler about it is the opportunity to use videos, pictures, and text in your ads.

Yandex Ad Campaigns

Did you know that Yandex accounts for a larger market share than Google in Russian-speaking countries? If you want to conquer the Russian market, then Yandex is the front door.


We can monitor your ad campaign’s performance and slightly modify some of its settings in order to make even more appealing to internet users.

Our steps

  • developing individual and effective strategy
  • keyword, audience, and budget analysis
  • creating ad content such as articles and videos (if necessary)
  • launching the ad campaign
  •  monitoring and adjustment (if needed)
  • report and result analysis – the number of visitors, likes, shares, and sales generated by the campaign

So far, so good, so what?

At the end of each campaign, you get a full and detailed report on its performance. We will outline key factors such as traffic, audience, keyword choices, and conversion rate (the number of visitors that became your clients or followers). In addition, we can make changes in real time, so if you think we can use better keyword tails, we can add them in a nick of time.

Our happy clients

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